Privacy Policy

The key points that constitute our privacy policy are listedbelow:


We know the importance of your personal information.Therefore, our management formulated a flawless privacy policy that ensures the security and integrity of your confidential data. Read it if you have any doubts regarding our security.

Credit card particulars

All of your transactions are held via a secure line, well preserved from any interference whatsoever. Our system developers used the latest security products available in the market and applied the most effective security algorithms, providing a safe mechanism for the transaction. Your credit card details are wipedoffas soon as the transaction is concluded.

Cache/Cookies details

If you are a casual user of the internet then there is a fair chance that you would know the idea behind cache and cookies. Well, cookies are used by websites to configure the daily amount of traffic that visits that particular site.We at also store cookies for that sole purpose. Cookies help us to improve our site and add content based on our clients’ ratings. Cookies are never used for any illegal activity. They are well hidden and help to recognize different computers.

Client’s personal information

Almost every customer service website stores some of your information to improve their content and website outlay. To best furnish all of your requirements, we also store some of your information that may include your personal as well as contact details such as your e-mail id etc. All of your information is hidden from any third party and no one is allowed to disclose that data.

Policy Variation

Our clients are advised to frequently visit our privacy page because we may change or update our policy with time. We have the sole right to alter our policy whenever deemed necessary. Furthermore, our clients are advised to feed us back regarding our policiesor the new changes we made. All queries can be sent to